Brock Lesnar Wins The WWE Universal Championship At Crown Jewel

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Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman and win the WWE Universal Championship for the second time. The event, Crown Jewel held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and went successfully for The Beast.

With The Big Dog out of the match, the company moved forward with a one-on-one contest between Lesnar and Strowman.

Brock Lesnar became two-time WWE Universal Champion. Photo Credit:

Raw general manager Baron Corbin smashed the championship belt in the back of The Monster just before the bell rang. Lesnar took this advantage in the start and he landed several F-5’s to Strowman.

Although Strowman survived all the F-5’s initially, one of which sent Strowman out to the floor but the 5th one was too much for the Monster. In this way, Lesnar took the victory without facing any tough time.

It’ll be interesting to see how long Lesnar sticks around as WWE Universal champion. As Lesnar successfully won WWE Universal champion and then just a few moments later the company announced his next match.

Lesnar will face current WWE heavyweight champion A.J. Styles from Smackdown Live at WWE Survivor Series.

Obviously, the Universal Championship will not remain for a long time with Lesnar as his plans to return to the UFC in 2019 where he will fight with Daniel Cormier for UFC Heavyweight Championship.



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