Chris Jericho rejects Crown Jewel World Cup spot

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It sounds like Chris Jericho had not the best time in Saudi Arabia. The “Y2J” has revealed that he isn’t interested in competing in WWE’s World Cup tournament for the upcoming Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia.

The 47-year old was involved in the Greatest Royal Rumble event, which was held in Saudi Arabia. But it seems to be as WWE Crown Jewel isn’t in his future. Speaking to “Inside The Ropes,” Jericho detailed a rather unfavorable experience in the middle east:

“Saudi Arabia is a very strange place,” said Jericho. “It was me Finlay, (Billy) Kidman, Jamie Noble, and Adam Pearce. Combined 200 years of experience. We just get dropped off at the terminal and we walk off like morons. We don’t have a handler or security.

“People there are very touchy-feely. ‘Selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie.’ I’m not kidding. Everybody wants a selfie. Times that by 100 and you start to get angry. And we’re surrounding by people. I start yelling, ‘get the f*ck out of my face.’

“And they’re all coming for me because the agents are all legends, but I’m the only guy they know. It’s like a zombie movie. I’m pushing through these people.”

Jericho finished off by saying, if WWE wants him to return for any future shows in Saudi Arabia, they’re going to have to triple his pay:

“That was Saudi Arabia for ya. Now that I know how much money they made, they’re gonna have to pay me triple to come back.”


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