Undertaker Showed No Mercy at Super Showdown

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Triple H defeated The Deadman in the main event of WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia. It was supposed to be the Phenom’s last appearance in the ring but still, he is planning to make his way to WWE Crown Jewel.

The Undertaker finally fell after two superkicks from Shawn Michaels and a Pedigree from Triple H

After the match successfully won by Triple H, The Deadman and Kane stood with their arms raised alongside Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

For this scene, everyone in the WWE Universe applauding for respect from both sides and appeared to be celebrating the Taker’s ‘end of an era’.

Some great fireworks were seen around the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the show appeared to be getting over.

Both Phenom and Kane then attacked the Triple H and Michaels. Shawn Michaels was taken out of the ring and brutely thrown through the announcer’s table.

Everyone in WWE Universe was expecting for The Undertaker’s victory because he had a successful match against John Cena in Wrestlemania 34, but this would probably be the worst possible finish in his career.


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